DR. MONES' HOURS: Dr. Mones is available to his patient 24 x 7 unless noted under "when I will be away". 


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9-4

Wednesday and most afternoons after 4pm are reserved for hospice home visits.

We try to close to give our staff time for lunch 12:00 to 1:00 pm


Dr. Mones has no plans to be out of town at this time.  At any time you may call the office and reach Stephanie or her voicemail by pressing option 1 or Dr. Mones by pressing option 3.  While away, the office will run as usual and if needed, Dr. Mones will schedule "telephone visits" for patients who subscribe to Healthy Access or for patients who need an appointment, Dr. Michelle Wyatt will be available or urgent care.  When in cell phone range, Dr. Mones will be available 24 x 7 to established patients, but if you have a true emergency, call 911.  Hospital patients will be seen by the Peacehealth hospitalist while Dr. Mones is away.


Stephanie and I check voicemail regularly during office hours each business day.  After 4:00 pm, we may not get your message until the following business day. General questions that can wait until the next time the office opens can be left on Stephanie's voice mail at 653-9700.  Or you can send an email by clicking on the email links on the home page.


I'm available to established patients 24 x 7 with rare exception.  But if you have a true emergency, you do not need to call me first - I would have you seen at the emergency department so don't delay, please go directly to the emergency room.  I will receive all the tests results and treatment recommendations from the emergency room doctor and be able to coordinate care after the emergency is taken care of.  If referrals are needed to the emergency department, I will take care of that later if needed. 

1) For urgent matters that cannot wait until the office opens, call me directly on my cell phone at 914-5035, if I am unable to pick up, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE.  The message will be transcribed and sent to my cell phone within 5 minutes.  Text messages can be convenient but are not recommended as it is not secure communication and cannot be forwarded when I'm out of range.  For urgent matters, call my cell phone.

2)  If you have sent a message to me and do not hear back from me in 30 minutes, please try again - my policy is to call back established patients within 30 minutes so if you don't hear back please send another message to be certain it went through.

3)  If you need to reach me during weekends or off hours and have tried my cell phone but have not heard back, then you may call my home phone at 463-9429 to reach me, but please do not leave messages on my home voicemail as it may not be monitored.

There may be rare times that I am truly unavailable or out of range for short periods of time - about 1% of the year!.  My office message and website will inform you of any times I am out of town - but even then I will monitor phone messages.  Remember that my colleagues at urgent care and the emergency room are always available if your situation is too urgent.  In the rare circumstance that I'm unavailable to see you myself for an urgent matter, I would probably recommend the urgent care or the emergency room.


(888) 979-III9
Faxes will also be reviewed each day the office is open.

   90 Oakleigh Ln, Eugene, Oregon 97404

updated 6/29/2015

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