Please contact Dr. Mones or Stephanie for any questions not answered here.


I bill the following insurances and several additional ones: Pacificsource, Providence, ODS, Regence BC/BS, Lifewise, Cigna, Aetna, Healthnet, Tricare and  Medicare and most medicare secondary and advantage plans.    You can also check with your insurance company.  I will not be able to accept medicaid as of yet as I have not been able to establish a contract with Trillium medicaid due to the additional healthy access fee at my office.

It is your responsibility to understand your insurance coverage. Please contact your insurance company for questions about your coverage and how fees are paid. Please be sure that I am listed as your primary care physician with your insurer and please bring your insurance card with you to each visit.  

If I do not bill your insurance, you may be able to be reimbursed for your visit, but your payment to our office is due at the time of your visit. 

Please be aware that some services may not be covered by your insurance. You are responsible for your bill if your insurance does not cover your care, or if you lose your insurance.  


I will provide same day appointments and appointments scheduled in advance. You will have access to me through my pager or cell phone almost all the time. 
If for some reason I am unavailable, my website and my answering machine will direct you to another doctor. A doctor will always be available.

For non-urgent matters you may contact me via email or my answering machine.
If you are admitted to the hospital you will be cared by a hospitalist (a doctor who specializes in caring for patients who are in the hospital) or a specialist. I no longer have active privileges to admit patients at Sacred Heart or Mckenzie-Willamette Hospitals.

Home visits may be available to patients who can not come to my office.  

I will provide many vaccinations that are supplied by the health department and flu shots.  
I will not be drawing blood.


Certain fees may not be covered by your insurance.  We will inform you of these non-covered services and, if you choose to accept them, we will have you sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice.


There is a non-covered benefit called Healthy Access that is available to all patients who become established at Maitree Family Medicine.  Healthy Access is, essentially, access to and availability of your doctor 24 hours a day 7 days a week with very rare exceptions.   This access may be by email or telephone but also includes availability of off-hours visits at Maitree Family Medicine when appropriate.  When you choose to become a patient at Maitree Family Medicine you will be offered Healthy Access because it is part and parcel of the practice.  A sliding scale will be available for patients with true financial hardship.  If you believe that you would qualify for the sliding scale, please contact us.


Healthy Access is charged per patient (rather than per household)

POLICY CHANGE:  The cost of HealthyAccess will be the same for all patients regardless of internet or email access and will be $15/month ($180/year).  Maitree Family Medicine is committed to helping all patients maintain excellent access to care and will offer a sliding scale Healthy Access fee to patients with true financial hardship.  If you are experiencing true financial hardship, please call for a copy of our sliding scale fees.  


If you have what you feel is a medical emergency or urgent problem that needs to be cared for in the Emergency Room, then you should go to the Emergency Room. Please call 911 if needed. We can take care of referrals later. 

If you have an urgent concern that can't wait until the office is open again, then please contact me. You may call the office at 653-9700 or toll free at (888) 802-34II and press option one to reach my assistant during the office hours or press option 3 after hours to reach me or my covering doctor.  The answering machine will give you instructions for calling or paging me. When I am in town I will be available for phone calls most of the time.  When possible I will arrange an off-hours visit for you at Maitree Family Medicine to help you avoid having to go to urgent care if that would be burdensome or unnecessary.   
You will also find emergency contact information on my web site. 

Please remember, you are welcome to email me or leave messages after hours, but I may not get them until the office opens again.  


You can call or email our office to make an appointment. If your need is urgent, then please call me directly.  


Medication refills are best done during an appointment. Please bring all your pill bottles to appointments, including over-the-counter medicines. Before you leave your visit, we need to make sure you have enough of all of your medicines to last at least until your next visit. The pharmacy will hold prescription refills until you need them. If you are running out of a medicine, it should mean that you are due for a visit and/or blood work. 

If you do run out of a medicine before your next visit, I prefer that you email me a request for a refill. By email I can easily let you know if you need a visit or a test along with the refill. You can also ask your pharmacy to send me a request or you can leave me a voice message. When requesting a refill, please be sure to tell me the name of the medicine, the dose, how you take it, and your pharmacy. 


A referral to a specialist is also best done at the time of your visit. If a referral is needed between appointments, then I prefer that you send me an email. If you are already seeing the specialist and he or she has been helpful to you, I will probably be able to do the referral without a visit. If you are requesting a referral for a new problem, I may ask to visit with you either in person or by email as described below.


For urgent issues patients should use the phone and call the office.  During office hours you can press option 1 to speak to my assistant but after hours or weekends press option 3 and you will be transferred to the physiciabs.  If I am unavailable then option 3 will transfer you to the covering physician.  Texting is not a reliable method of communication and you should not attempt to send me a text message.

I would like to communicate with you by email. I will check my email during the day and before the end of each day the office is open. On weekends and holidays, I may not receive your email as promptly. If you have a concern that needs to be addressed urgently, you must call, do not email urgent issues and do not text. Email is a great way to give me follow-up after a visit or to ask a question related to a visit. I would especially like you to use email to request prescription refills and referrals. If you have a new concern or a complicated question, I would like a visit with you either in person or by email as described below. Everyone will be encouraged to use email or designate a family member to use email for them. Email access allows greater communication of medical literature and patient education then snail mail is capable of providing. The ability to communicate by email has health benefits and I will encourage each patient to use email either directly or through their designate.

Privacy is a big concern for email communications. I do not regulate how patients or healthcare providers choose to send information to me, however, email from me is sent with the security of SSL encryption. I cannot protect your information once it is on your computer. If you are receiving email on a friend's or your family's computer then they may gain access to your private health information. If you use your email at work, your boss may actually own your emails. Hackers have also been able to access individuals' private email.

I can provide you with a secure email account. You are welcome to use your personal account; however, I can not be responsible for any loss of privacy that may happen. Please think about who may be able to read your email.


If you do not have Internet access at home you have several options: You can consider using a friend or a family member's computer. You can use the library's computer. You can use the computer in my waiting room anytime my office is open. If you are looking for an inexpensive computer, ask around. Many businesses get rid of computers as they up-grade. If you really and truly don't want to or can’t use the Internet, then you may reach me for all needs by mail or phone. 


Please cancel your appointment if you are not going to come in. Even if you let me know a short while before your visit, the time can often be used. Your appointment is for you. If you do not come, then the time is wasted waiting for you. If you miss one visit, you will receive a letter reminding you of the missed appointment policy.  If you miss a second appointment, you may be charged $50 and asked to pay prior to your next appointment.  Three missed appointments without notification will likely result in being dismissed from the clinic.


To transfer records to or from the practice, you will be asked to fill out a release of information form.  If you request copies of your won records they will be provided with a charge per page.  Electronic format is available at a smaller fee than paper format.


Please bring any forms you need completed to your visit. Any form submitted outside of your visit time may take three business days to complete. I will charge $10 for completion of a form outside of a visit if it requires more than a signature or if you need it in less than three business days. 


I ask that you come to see me for consideration of antibiotic treatment of a new illness like sinusitis, a urinary tract infection, dental abscess, etc. 


Narcotic medications are difficult to regulate and can be addictive. I avoid their use whenever possible. Patients who require narcotics for more than a month will be asked to sign a narcotic agreement with me. 


There will be a limited number of drug samples available at my office.  I will only accept from pharmaceutical companies a limited number of medications.  These will be medicines that I already prescribe or that I feel have been well tested and been proven with the test of time after release.  Pharmaceutical representatives will be scheduled on off hours so that patient care is never affected by pharmaceutical representatives.


Children over the age of thirteen have the right to privacy in their health care. Please expect your teen to spend part of their visits without their parent (or guardian). I encourage teens to share their concerns with their parents. I do not disclose information without a teen's permission unless he or she is in danger. 


Federal law regulates how medical information about you may be used and disclosed, and how you can get access to this information. Please review the Notice of Privacy Practice for Protected Health Information for further information.


Copays are due at the time of your visit. If I need to bill you for a copay, there will be a $15 billing fee added. 


You may pay your bill with cash, a check, or a credit/debit card. You can use your card either on-line through this website or at the office. If your account is over 45 days late in being paid there will be a $15 late fee. If your account is over 90 days late in being paid, you will be sent a letter stating that you have 15 days to pay in full.

 Please call me if you are having trouble, so we can set up a payment plan or make other arrangements.  If you have not paid in those 15 days and have not contacted me, I may be unable to continue as your doctor. I will remain available to you for emergencies for 30 more days so that you can make other arrangements. 
Also, if you do not pay your bill, you may be referred to a collection agency.

There will be a $15 fee for any bounced checks.
There will be a $15 fee for any copays not paid at the time of the visit.
There will be a $15 fee for any bill not paid after 45 days without contacting me.

updated 1/2/2017