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   Dr. Stewart Mones is a family practice physician who has practiced in Eugene, Oregon for 20 years.   The office is located at 90 Oakleigh Lane in the River Road Area.

 Dr. Mones cares for adults at his office and also provides home visits to patients with advanced illness requiring hospice and palliative care.

 Practice Mission

Dr. Mones strives to provide excellent, timely, highly accessible medical care.   I will know I am successful if  patients can say "I get exactly the care I need and want, when and how I need and want it, from a doctor who knows me well."



There is no need to log in to the portal as the "New secure message from Stewart Mones MD LLC " is publicly available and posted below: 

Telehealth visits to continue through May 31st and perhaps through the rest of 2020.

Practice Procedures:
You will not need to call to make any changes to your already scheduled appointments as they will automatically be changed to telehealth visits.  If you have an appointment you can assume you will receive a phone call at that time from Danita at the office and have your visit with Dr. Mones via telehealth and Danita will help you set this up if you have not had a telehealth visit before. Please make sure prior to your appointment that your cell phone is on or you are near your home phone - whichever you prefer. If you are able to check your own weight, blood pressure, temperature or other pertinent vitals or have information you would like to have Dr. Mones review during the appointment, you can email it to ahead of time.

Note from Dr. Mones (updated May 13th, 2020): 
In my assessment, it will continue to be safest to only have in-office appointments if its necessary for a physical exam (heart, lungs, certain skin exams, etc)  or for a procedure such as injection, blood test or biopsy.  Most other visits should be conducted by telehealth. This is my assessment of what is safest practice, but it is harder financially on this practice. Overall this crisis is stressing this practice business model and to compensate it will be necessary to generate more telehealth visits to keep the practice financially viable.  Since it is more convenient to have telehealth for my patients, I will encourage it more often for simple conditions such as rashes and colds.  There is a medical reason for that as well which is I worry that with less face to face contact, there are fewer opportunities for me to pick up health conditions that would have been picked up in the office.  Doing a formal telehealth visit is a good way to "screen" my patients more frequently and not miss something that would otherwise be picked up.  It also allows the practice to survive the pandemic intact.
Lane County has been fortunate to have very few cases of COVID 19 but we will be living with this situation for the next year and will have to figure out how to best balance living our lives with being safe.  This is similar to the decisions we make regarding driving.  We often choose not to drive when risks are too high in our estimation - such as in severe weather or icy conditions.  When conditions are good we take precautions such as wearing seat belts and minimizing distractions while driving.  Some people decide not to drive at times for fear of harming themselves and sometimes for fear of harming others.  Prior to coronavirus, driving was likely the most dangerous activity we engaged in everyday - yet despite understanding there were risks to driving, we figured out how to drive safely to protect ourselves and others on the road - so that we can maintain a good quality of life.  Even though the safest thing possible would be to not drive at all, most people would not think of giving up driving because they have assessed that the quality of life benefits outweigh the risks.  
Coronavirus is a similar risk vs quality of life dilemma.  The risks similarly involves risk to ourselves as well as risks to our community.  As time goes on we will learn to live our lives and put on a face covering in certain situations just like its a seat belt.  We will find a balance between being safe and living our lives.  And we will try to remember that most accidents happen close to home so put your seat belt on everytime you drive!  Similarly you never know when you will run into coronavirus over the next year so wearing a face covering everytime you are in public places makes everyone safer.
The difference between seat belts and face coverings is that you won't have to wear a face covering forever. . . only until a vaccine is available.  Think of it as if we are getting through a week of icy road conditions and so during this high risk period you would drive less, perhaps put on safer tires, wear your seat belt all the time and try to avoid crashing your vehicle for that one week until its safer to drive again.  It will be 1-2 years rather than just 1 week, but your goal is to avoid a crash if at all possible because that crash could be fatal, and you will just be extra careful until things are safer.  It is possible to get back behind the wheel without being afraid, and without being reckless.
Telehealth visits are a way to not be reckless and have unnecessary in person visits, but if you have to come in to the office it is possible to do so without being afraid.
Since we are in a long haul with COVID 19, its important not to avoid interacting with your doctor and because of the design of my practice it is possible to have better and safer interactions with you.  Also by keeping chronic illnesses managed well we can help you avoid needing to get unnecessary tests or urgent care/emergency room visits that might place you at higher risk of exposure in the future during spikes and surges.  Its important to stay connected and stay proactive with all your health needs so that starts with maintaining appointments as scheduled.

Thank you for your trust in me and I will do my best to help you stay safe and healthy through this crisis.

Stew Mones MD
May 13th, 2020
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